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Innovations & Discovery

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Scientific research is the launching pad for all progress in health care and outcomes. By combining the specialties of diverse scientists with the expertise of practicing clinicians, the Department of Urology of the Emory University School of Medicine encompasses an innovative, comprehensive approach to research.

In multidisciplinary collaborations with Emory colleagues at such centers as the Winship Cancer institute of Emory University as well as cooperative investigations conducted with scientists around the world, our faculty are developing new treatments and evaluating progressive approaches. With the aim of making our discoveries more accessible to patients, we are establishing new patient care settings in such facilities as Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital and improving direct access to our clinical teams.

Emory urologists are consistently examining new tests to screen for prostate cancer, striving to develop cancer vaccines, testing immunotherapeutic cancer therapies, developing urological tissue and specimen banks, and conducting a variety of other outcomes-based, epidemiological, and translational research studies. The results of these studies are regularly reported by our scientists in the peer reviewed literature. In addition to the NIH and other federal agencies, our research faculty receive funding from foundational, corporate, and private sources.

Emory Urology provides medical students, residents, and fellows with varied and progressive prospects for research and clinical training in a dynamic academic environment committed to excellence, innovation, and diversity.